Peter Booker

I solve problems faster than I create them.

Regex search of 2 million files. How hard can it be?

I recently explored speeding up the process of downloading and regex searching all code in the WordPress Plugin and Theme Directories. The current methods use PHP scripts to download and extract every plugin and theme zip archive and then perform searches using tools like grep, ag, ripgrep, etc. This process could take the best part of a day.

Read about the journey, what worked, what didn't work and what I settled on.

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Job Opportunities

Looking for work focused on WordPress and/or the Go language. Experience creating, scaling and maintaing user-friendly customisations/integrations for WordPress. Excellent track record on working with and supporting customers through all mediums. Broad experience with Go from REST APIs, CLI Tools all the way to visual displays.

If you have something you think I would be a good fit for send me an email.

Current Focus

I am working my way through Computer Science degree material online to expand my knowledge of algorithms and patterns. This has paid off by helping me to better specify problems, improving my ability to troubleshoot and solve them.

My current focus is on learning to use the Qt framework for creating cross-platform desktop applications in Go and improving my workflow with CI/CD through testing and Travis.

Kebo Code Editor Split View

First Gutenberg Plugin

As Gutenberg’s release approaches, with the release client for WordPress 5.0 set for a weeks time, I wanted to get to grips with what this meant for WordPress development. I settled for scratching a personal itch for my first project and created Kebo Code, a syntax highlighting plugin which processes the highlighting live in the

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I want to give a quick preview of the DotaData service I have been working on, salvaging some of the work put into creating a Dota2 community site a few years ago. One of several features is Tooltips for links to the dota2, dotabuff and opendota websites: Heroes like Dragon Knight, Monkey King and Lion.

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WPDirectory Reveal

I am excited to reveal my latest project WPDirectory, a web tool which allows lightning fast regex searching of the entire WordPress Plugin & Theme Directories. Why? When I first saw the WordPress Plugin Directory Slurper tool was used to download every available Plugin in the Directory so the files could be searched locally I

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Regex search of all WordPress Plugin and Theme code.


Electron starter kit built on React and Go.


Tech demo of building the game Factorio in Go.

Foundation Utils

Collection of Foundation framework helpers for WordPress.


Metrics (Prometheus) client for WordPress.


Docker Compose based development environment for WordPress.

I build things which save people time and help them reach their potential.

My projects range from websites and services to REST APIs, micro services and CLI tools. I love identifying problems, researching solutions, prototyping ideas and developing solutions.

Take a look at my projects to see more.

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