My name is Peter Booker, I live in the east of England, run a web development company and spend my day developing products and services for WordPress.

I thrive on the challenge of creating things which save people time and/or help them to do business better. There is nothing more satisfying to me than seeing how my customers put our services to use and the fantastic things they do with them.

I have a variety of interests and I like to try a bit of everything. I love reading (especially philosophy), coding and running statistical modelling, I have also played American Football as a first string left tackle and completed the ToughGuy race.

My Favourite Books

  • Antifragile / The Black Swan / Fooled by RandomnessNassim Taleb
  • The Tipping Point / BlinkMalcom Gladwell
  • The Selfish GeneRichard Dawkins
  • The RepublicPlato
  • The Leader on the CouchKets de Vries
  • How the Mind WorksSteve Pinker
  • The Pig of HappinessEdward Monkton

These books (and many others) have transformed my understanding of the world around me and how I interact with it.