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WP Auto Updates, Custom Plugins and You

I¬†have wanted to talk about the WordPress auto updates feature for a while, but I don’t want to continue¬†the general good or bad argument. I have every faith in the WordPress Foundation’s ability to responsibly use the feature, however I don’t believe anyone other than the WordPress Foundation should have access to it. It was

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API Handlers for WordPress

This has been a busy, fun and productive weekend. I have created three API handlers for WordPress to make interacting with the Github, Bitbucket and New Relic APIs easier from inside WordPress. I created them to help me fetch information from each of these services, to integrate into a website to display more interesting and

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Silent Caching in WordPress

This article is out of date and incorrect, most modern web servers will not close the connection until after the shutdown hook runs. I will be publishing a follow up article soon with a better method. While reviewing the code and performance of my latest plugin, the Kebo Twitter Feed, I realised that the Widget

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