WPDirectory and DreamHost

Recently the production version of WPDirectory went live, made possible by the wonderful people at DreamHost.

WPDirectory is a web service which allows regex searching all code in the WordPress Plugin and Theme Directories. It replaces a lengthy and resource intensive local process, oftening taking over 15-30 minutes with a web service which takes seconds, with results which can be shared easily.

WordPress is Huge

The WordPress Plugin and Theme Directories have over 70,000 live plugins/themes containing over 2 million text files. Performing regex searches on this many files is a significant task, involving first downloading all 30GB of files (using tools like the excellent WordPress Directory Slurper) before using a local tool like grep, ag or ripgrep to search. The search alone can take anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes on my local machine, while the same searches on WPDirectory take between 2 to 30 seconds.

You can read more about how WPDirectory works here.

Key Benefits

  • No local downloads – No need to download all 30GB of plugins and themes locally.
  • No lengthy searches – No need to wait for 15-60 minutes for local searches.
  • Easy collaboration – A URL is all you need to share results between people.
  • Endless Possibilities – What you can do with WPDirectory is only limited by regex ability.


DreamHost sponsorship provides the powerful hosting required by WPDirectory on their DreamCompute platform, allowing it to search over 2 million files in seconds. This secures the services long-term position in the WordPress community, allowing users to be confident that the tool will be there when they need it.


If you have any feedback and/or questions you can let me know though issues on Github. I plan to continue maintaining WPDirectory and have many plans for improving it in the future. Ideas for improvements are especially welcome.